Built by Core
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Pivnaya Apteka, Azerbaijan

No, there's nothing wrong with these pictures... It demonstrates the quirkiness of our latest project.

This new restaurant and bar, in the centre of Azerbaijan’s capital, is as weird as they come. The name, which translates as 'Brewery Pharmacy' is a restaurant and bar concept with a definite theme; to both provide and cure your hangover! Thus, chemistry equipment is strategically placed and lit, while chemical symbols change colour as you leave (presumably with your hangover in its early formative stage).

In the bar area, there is furniture and lighting on the ceiling, inspiring a “How much have I drunk?” feeling. Elsewhere hobgoblins watch over you as you eat, and mirrors with integral lighting give the illusion of distance.

The premises are clearly visible at night, both because of the green neon pharmacy signage and the large tubes that extend from the inside above the sidewalk, accented with bright lighting.

Interior Designer: Henry Chebaane