Built by Core
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Flammand Beach Residence, St. Barts - Caribbean

A few steps away from Flammand beach on this remote Caribbean island, this residence offers the perfect getaway experience with residential villas, a games villa, pool and staff quarters.

The pool features concealed LED striplights which are hidden from view in a bespoke detail so they provide no glare whatsoever. The exact colour of the pool lighting was also critical to meet the Client's brief of wanting the pool to match the effect of evening light falling onto a beach.

All interior spaces have dimmable uplighting to create a sense of space and calm. Decorative lighting adds a layer of intimacy and concealed lighting adds sparkle to shelving and kitchen storage.

All exterior lighting is low-output thanks to the fact that there's no light pollution on the island so light levels don't have to be as high as they are in a more urban environment.

Architect: Adam Design