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The Lalit London

We’re very pleased to announce the opening of the LaLit London, the first hotel in the LaLit hotel group to open outside India.

Situated within the former St. Olave’s School, built in 1896, the project was done in collaboration with EPR architects and Archer Humphryes acting as interior designers.

The exterior lighting plays a major part in accenting the building’s historic facades, with historical figures appearing as reliefs and the clocktower topping the bill.

Inside, the Great Hall is now an opulent restaurant, while the Headmaster’s Room is now a lounge.

Several of the old classrooms have been made in guestrooms, with their historical ceilings renovated and accented with light.

The heritage of the building certainly posed challenges, but we are very happy with the results, and as the hotel is a tribute to the late Lalit Suri, the Lalit’s founder, we hope he would be happy too.